Offshore Technical Compliance Opens OTC Mexico Division in Mexico City

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June 24, 2020
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December 10, 2020

COVINGTON, La. – Offshore Technical Compliance LLC (OTC), a leader in delivering regulatory compliance inspections, training, and related services to the global oil and gas exploration and production industry, has opened its OTC Mexico division in Mexico City.

OTC Mexico operates as a Mexican company employing Mexican technicians and engineers. As such, it helps international oil companies (IOCs) meet local content requirements. The new division will also help OTC build local business-to-business relationships with domestic oil companies and the project management firms servicing those companies. Jobs will be created for engineers and technicians in Mexico who will be performing the work.

Mike Bethea, CEO, OTC, said, “Although we can serve many of our clients internationally without opening local entities, OTC made the strategic decision to expand our operations into Mexico due to interest from IOCs and a promising climate of activity in the Mexican oil and gas industry both domestically through PEMEX and through the IOCs. By offering the expertise we deliver as pressure testing experts locally in Mexico, we create a win-win situation for everyone and we hope this enterprise will serve as a model for us as we expand into other locations around the world.”

Managing the enterprise will still be a function of OTC’s US-based management team, which comprises of Mike Bethea, CEO; Bill Sheffield, CFO; Stretch Kuykendal, vice president digital technology; and Danny Hotard, development.