Workforce Development Services

Curriculum Design

Our goal is to develop customized content which encompasses your organizational mission, processes, terminology, scenarios, and “real-world” case studies to enhance the training materials or online course content. Classroom experiences will include discussion, problem solving, scenario analysis, and group exercises.

  • Curriculum Planning
  • Custom Rubrics
  • Custom Test Development
  • Custom Instructor Materials
  • Learning Objectives
  • Evaluation Strategies

Competency Program Development

We use our pre-assessment checklist to align employees’ Competencies with your strategic goals. Training is designed to affect behaviors tied to competencies.

  • Training Development
  • Design and Development of job aids
  • Development of course materials
  • Content development
  • Performance Support Solutions
  • Personnel Qualification Standards

Instructor Development Workshops

We work with your training staff and instructors to enhance their presentation skills and ability to run effective classes.

  • Train-the-Trainer Workshop Development
  • Training Delivery and Facilitation
  • Instructor Assessments