Corrosion & Erosion Surveillance Program

Corrosion & Erosion Surveillance Program Process

OTC has engineered a unique and cost effective corrosion and erosion inspection and surveillance program that provide customers with the following benefits:

  • A thorough mechanical integrity and corrosion/erosion surveillance program that is a unique and cost effective protocol providing operators with objective data and analysis on metal loss.
  • Provides operators (and government regulators if desired) with a thorough mechanical integrity analyses of the current suitability of OCS facilities for their intended use.
  • Delivers a repository of corrosion/erosion inspection data for each of the participating operator’s facilities that is secure and is managed in order to assist operators in the ongoing maintenance of OCS facilities.
  • Recommendations for enhanced mechanical integrity inspection procedures and practices the operator can implement to demonstrate to regulators a consistent approach to safety and environmental protection.
  • A baseline measurement of the mechanical integrity of key structural and flow areas that are susceptible to corrosion/erosion for participating facilities (including a Level 1 inspection).
  • Exclusive and confidential analysis and evaluation reports on each facility and secure online access to data.