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GREENLIGHT is a digital pressure testing software suite that can be used to conduct, analyze and document a wide variety of pressure tests, not just those specific to blowout preventers (BOP’s).

GREENLIGHT produces an uninterrupted, secure and fully transparent digital record of all testing activity from start to finish. For BOP testing, a set of Low and High Pressure Analytical Routines (Analysts) are implemented to determine outcomes. This process provides our clients, especially those operating in synthetic or oil based mud environments, real time high definition digital output and predictive analysis saving time during high pressure testing.

GREENLIGHT is an objective, field-ready tool to identify passing pressure tests as per BSEE specifications.

  • GREENLIGHT has been BSEE approved since October 2015 for

Low Pressure BOP Tests

High Pressure BOP Tests

  • GREENLIGHT is a passing test detector. GREENLIGHT will tell rig personnel when they have a passing test in accordance with BSEE requirements. When the test fails it is up to rig personnel to determine the reason for the failure.
  • By design, GREENLIGHT can host any number of analysis modules, referred to as Analysts. Analysts can be developed according to client specifications by the client in-house, thus protecting client Intellectual Property.

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