Marine Regulatory Compliance Training

OTC’s Marine Regulatory Compliance training is a three-day (24 hour) course accredited by IADC. This course is intended for all personnel pursuing knowledge in Marine Regulatory Compliance for oil and gas vessels, MODU and FPSO’s and Floating Production Facilities operating in the GOM and internationally. Personnel could include Compliance Managers, Shore Side Marine Managers and Advisors, OIM’s, Masters, Chief Officers, Deck Officers and HS&E Managers.

OTC expects that participants who attend the course would be able to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and proficiency in Marine Regulatory Compliance requirements by delivery of material, exercises and by written test.  The overall objective of the course is to provide participants with knowledge and proficiency in Regulatory Compliance in Oil and Gas MODU, Vessels and Platforms with knowledge and understanding of applicable Marine Regulatory Compliance Requirements and inspection methodology and skills.

The interactive course is instructor led via classroom and workshop style settings. Participants enrolled in the course are required to have prior oil and gas experience. Slideshows, handouts and actual case studies are utilized throughout the course to engage participants and complete the course with at least an 80% pass rate required by IADC.

Marine Compliance Course

At the end of the course, each participate should be able to demonstrate the understanding of the content provided to them via the course objectives listed below:

  • Establish a preliminary benchmark, identify a level of general knowledge related to Marine Regulatory Compliance through the pre-test
  • Identify USCG jurisdiction in US Coastal waters
  • Discuss the applicable CFR for marine compliance
  • Discuss the fundamentals of regulatory development
  • Explain the applicable NAVIC and USCG jurisdiction for MODU in US territorial waters
  • Describe the fundamental Inspection and auditing processes
  • Discuss the required documentation in a USCG Inspection
  • Describe the requirements and content of the Station Bill
  • Describe the content and relation of the Bunk Card
  • Name the general components of firefighting systems on vessels and MODU
  • Review the General layout and marking requirements for MODU helidecks
  • Discuss the general requirements for arrival departure facilities and training
  • Describe Bridge Equipment, Publications and Charts
  • Discuss the requirements for emergency alarms and public-address system
  • List the requirements for accommodations, staterooms and public spaces including galley and laundry
  • Describe the requirements for hospital facilities and equipment
  • Discuss the general lifesaving equipment, requirements and placement
  • Describe the general requirements for emergency muster stations
  • Discuss the survival craft, pods and life boats, equipment, placement and readiness
  • List the rescue craft, fast rescue craft, placement, equipment and readiness
  • List the general markings requirements
  • Describe the life raft requirements, placement and marking
  • Name the requirements for davit launch systems and davits
  • Explain the requirements for lifebuoys, placement and equipment
  • Recall the general requirements for lifejackets, and placement
  • Recall the requirements for water tight integrity and weather tight integrity applications
  • State the general MODU and FOI Machinery requirements
  • Review the Vessel Management Systems (VMS) and Power Management Systems (PMS)
  • Discuss the requirements for SOPEP Equipment, MARPOL Requirements, and Containment
  • Describe the requirements and certification for OWS and OCM
  • Explain the requirements for MSD systems
  • State the general requirements for MODU Jacking Systems
  • Describe the general requirements for electrical installations
  • List the general requirements for battery lockers
  • State the general requirements for Hazardous Spaces
  • Explain the requirements for crane installations and certification
  • List the detail requirements for Fire and Emergency Drills

25% - 35% Discount

$3,300 Regular Session Price

25% Disc: $2,475 (First Student) | 35% Disc: $2,145 (Subsequent Students)

Marine Regulatory Compliance Training
October Session – Houston, TX

October 12, 2020 – October 14, 2020
8:30 am – 5:00 pm