Questions for Rig Acceptance

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May 31, 2018
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By Doug Foster, General Manager at OTC Solutions

Do you have a project and need a rig? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself…

Does the specific rig have the full set of capabilities to meet my operational program? Is it a new build and as yet unproven? Is it coming to me from an active project? Is it coming to me from a warm or cold stack situation? Will I get a crew who is experienced with the rig or, will I get a quickly assembled group with little to no experience on this specific rig or one of the same class? Each of these circumstances may require a slightly different approach to making the correct selection.

If the rig is new, or coming out of stacked status, do I need to have an acceptance or ‘mini trials’ plan to verify equipment condition and crew competency?

Also, if the rig is coming from a stacked scenario, is there a detailed plan for removal of preservatives that might clog filter systems and cause downtime? How about a plan to catch up on maintenance items that were deferred for the stacking period? What about a plan for critical system back-up software and batteries?

If looking at a slot on an active rig, have I identified all of the specific KPIs (key performance indicators) that should be reviewed, to satisfy my concerns?

Selecting and working with a drilling rig for the first time can lead to a new and positive relationship or a vow never to use a particular contractor and their equipment again. Almost all positive relationships in the industry are built on a foundation of full disclosure and an understanding of client expectations. Selection and acceptance of a new rig is where this relationship begins. Knowing your exposures and the correct questions to ask can alleviate surprises once operations commence.

OTC Solutions is ready to support our clients in identifying, developing and implementing the necessary processes to assure that the rig acceptance plans are suitable to deliver a quality product that fully meets your expectations.