Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Real-Time Monitoring

BSEE is requiring Real-Time Monitoring (RTM) on all subsea BOPs and BOPs on floating platforms with an implementation date in April 2019. This gives the offshore industry less than three years to identify the equipment and technologies required to implement this process. OTC Solutions is ready to assist with identifying the equipment, setting up an RTM facility onshore and getting your RTM plan together.

Reliability Services

If you ask 10 people what exactly reliability means, you’ll likely find 12 different answers. Reliability though is all based on dependability, and in engineering and maintenance, dependability is key.

Our reliability services can help your organization focus on aspects that make your system dependable. Find issues before they become major, and reduce your overall equipment failures. Our reliability team has experience in the space industry, aviation, military, and offshore sectors bringing together the best philosophies on reliability.

Maintenance Systems

Asset management means many things to many people; but, here at OTC Solutions asset management is focused on minimizing failures and ensuring systems are 100% operational. In order to do this, you must ensure your maintenance system is properly designed, configured and deployed. Let us help you bring your maintenance system into the 21 century.

Vessel Commissionin

Commissioning a vessel is the systematic process of verifying all systems are designed, installed and properly tested to ensure intended performance at vessel delivery. A well commissioned vessel can ensure optimized performance and minimize unforeseen startup delays.

Rig Preservation Services

Our rig preservation services covers both volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) and de-humidification services. We offer solutions to fit both large and small projects. Whether you are looking for simple corrosion prevention assistance, or require a full vessel preservation program, OTC Solutions will tailor a solution to meet your needs.

System Design Services

OTC Solutions has years of experience in software design and testing and mechanical system design. From advanced subsea control systems to hardware in the loop (HIL), we can assist your organization in developing the systems and tools you need to perform.

Additionally, our FMEA/FMECA, factory acceptance testing, and system integration testing offerings are provided to ensure your equipment is ready to operate on day one.