3rd Party Services

Independent 3rd Party Services

Shear Verification & Calculations

Verification of shearing capabilities is a requirement by BSEE to provide an independent third-party verification demonstrating the Blind Shear Rams (BSR) are capable of shearing all drill pipe in the hole under Maximum Anticipated Surface Pressure (MASP), supported with actual shear test reports and pressure testing documentation.

Our Professional Engineering (PE) staff has experience in both mechanical and electrical subsea systems and is dedicated to engineering first principles. Our PEs perform a careful review of your BOP’s shearing capabilities as part of our Shear Verification service.

BOP Equipment Verifications

Equipment verification under the new rule are a requirement for surface and subsea BOPs. Our no-frills verification process ensures your BOP system meets the requirements of API STD 53, Spec 16A, Spec 16C, and Spec 16D.

We pride ourselves on verifying equipment to the requirements of the regulation, and are careful to avoid unnecessary inspection requirements and paperwork that are extraneous under the new regulation.

Intervention Equipment Verifications

Non-traditional intervention systems may add complexity to operations and complicate the approval process, as they differ significantly from typical BOP equipment. Our intervention experience and BOP knowledge will help assure that your system meets regulatory requirements.

HPHT Verification

Any well operating in an HPHT environment requires additional verification under the new rule. Engage our engineering staff on getting the proper verifications necessary to help meet regulatory requirements on your HPHT wells.

5-Year Maintenance Witnessing

The updated Well Control regulations require that any teardown & inspection that fulfills a 5-year maintenance requirement requires a 3rd party to witness and report on the process.

Our technical staff is here to ensure your 5-year maintenance reporting complies with the law by providing full 5-year maintenance witnessing and reporting services.

In-Operation Repair Reporting

Our surveyors and technical staff provide the necessary reporting on the health of your equipment when repairs are made to the BOP system during operations. Our technical and engineering staff is standing by to support you in getting your operations back to work quickly and safely.

Mechanical Integrity Assessments

While the requirement of a Mechanical Integrity Assessment (MIA) is postponed until the implementation of BAVOs, waiting until the last minute to get these assessments completed could negatively impact the marketability of your fleet.

IOTC Solutions is ready to assist you with the MIA process and we are diligently working with drilling contractors to establish the necessary MIA protocols.

Failure Reporting Management

Under the new regulation, failure reporting has become a major part of operating offshore. OTC Solutions is ready to assist you with meeting regulatory requirements for failure reporting. We offer a full-service failure reporting option to collect, report and track your 30-day and 120-day failure reporting requirements. Additionally, our experienced engineering and technical staff can provide the skill sets required to fully investigate a failure.

Equipment Installation Date Verification

Under the new regulation, the clock for 5-year maintenance starts when equipment is installed. To help ease issues with identifying installation dates, we can provide you with installation statements for your equipment, to help ensure that you have the necessary documentation for 5-year maintenance verifications.