Cultivating an Inspector’s Perspective

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June 19, 2018
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April 26, 2019

By Andrew Warren, Director of Training, OTC Solutions

The regulatory guidance that exists in the oil, gas and offshore industries is designed to make the industry safer and to protect the environment. At OTC, our training is based closely on regulatory compliance and we employ former MMS/BOEMRE/BSEE inspectors from both drilling and production backgrounds to contribute real-world scenarios for consideration. We offer training that is unique to the industry – we train employees to develop a real understanding of the perspective of an inspector that comes aboard a rig to carry out regulatory compliance checks.

Thinking Like an Inspector

The focus of the training is to move from a reactive stance of attempting to comply with inspections to a proactive approach of being compliance-ready. As they exit the helicopter on their hitch, rig workers should be able to walk down the stairways and immediately identify something that an inspector would flag. Overall, what OTC has developed is a one-of-a-kind, IADC-accredited training course that teaches rig personnel to view their work environment through the lens of someone who inspects rigs full time for the Government.

Customized PEC Training to Meet the Needs of Clients

OTC is partnered with PEC and covers OSHA inspections and workplace environment and environmental training. We assess the needs of clients and offer PEC training that covers more than 25 OSHA compliance points in the one-day course and more than 40 on a three-day course. By really knowing the industry and what the client is looking for, we can cover all knowledge bases, delve deeper and make the training fit-for-purpose for the client’s personnel.

Training and Competency Development Programs

OTC doesn’t just deliver training. We offer comprehensive training development programs as well, where we can look at a client’s requirements and put together a structured training plan, just for them. From the ground up, we can perform training needs analysis and assessments for the workers to see where the training can be enhanced to improve their performance and reliability in the field. We have custom rubrics, former military instructors and professional trainers on hand who are able to carry out these assessments and build a program that is tailored to the needs of the clients’ workforce. We know exactly where the training needs to be increased to improve the performance.

In addition, we offer a competency development program where we take the training requirements and the job requirements of the organization and put together, not just a training program, but a program that follows the personnel from the initial training to their on-the-job training and then the final qualifications for them to be competent in today’s industrial environment.

Quality Counts

We pride ourselves on the quality of our instructors and the instruction that is delivered. We have skilled personnel available that can help with instructor programs so if a client already has a training program and they have their instructors already secured, we can offer refinement to those instructors’ skills by helping them translate their knowledge into the optimum deliverable format. Instructor workshops and related development programs can help them with their speaking and delivery techniques and mastery of technical writing. We can also take part in testing to see if the employee has gained the knowledge they needed to.

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