Scott Meiners

Scott Meiners

Scott Meiners

Pressure Testing & Compliance Specialist
Offshore Technical Compliance, Covington, LA

Responsible for field based installation, commissioning, operation of BSEE approved Greenlight Digital Pressure Testing software and related equipment. Responsible for training rig personnel on utilization of Greenlight and related programs including the “Blueprint” test planning and analysis tool and the “Leaflet” documentation tool. Current on API Standard 53 and related CFR to ensure BOP testing meets new well control rule requirements. Also fully trained and approved to administer remote support and monitoring through OTC’s 24/7 Support Service Center.

Senior Subsea Engineer – Pacific Drilling

Maintained 5th Generation Shaffer MUX control pods and NOV Shafer blowout preventers on a Fifth Generation Drillship. Performed maintenance, kept records and planned end of well maintenance.

Surveyor – WEST Engineering Services

Conducted well control equipment and systems inspections for various types of rigs worldwide. Responsible for evaluating all systems associated with the well control equipment and assisting in correcting problems and providing recommendations for improvement. Participated in problem evaluation concerning major failures of drill through equipment and controls.

Subsea Engineer – Frontier

Built, maintained and worked on Cameron BOP’s, crown mounted compensator and tensioners. Completed preventative maintenance on all subsea equipment including BOP’s, Tensioners, BOP crane and carts, palfingers, BOP control systems, HP air compressors and choke/kill manifolds. Performed pressure testing and functions tests on BOP and choke/kill manifolds.

Deck Foreman – Pride Offshore

Worked on the commissioning team in Korea shipyard on integration and hook-up teams in US shipyard on the Thunderhorse PDQ. Supervised crane operations and deck crews on the Thunderhorse PDQ. Planned deck management and equipment locations and wrote procedures for future drilling and crane operations aboard Thunderhorse. Assisted subsea engineers in commissioning and running subsea equipment.

Roustabout – Transocean

Performed various duties on drill floor, including maintenance on Cameron BOP stack. Operated offshore cranes, planned deck management and equipment locations.