Raymond Kennedy

Raymond Kennedy

Sr. Inspector/Marine Services (2014 – Present)
Offshore Technical Compliance, Covington, LA

Sr. inspector for OTC providing clients with rig acceptance and integration engineer/marine services. This includes USCG Inspections, Marine Integrity Reviews, Commissioning and Acceptance Inspections.

Rig Acceptance and Integration Engineer (2012-2014)
British Petroleum (BP)

Regulatory and compliance consultant responsible for conducting system installation and regulatory inspections to identify deficiencies and recommend resolutions. Provided extended on-site support for rig intake and startup operating practices (RISOP) encompassing USCG, EPA, BP, SOLAS, and class society requirements.

Regulatory and Compliance Consultant (2011)
Noble Drilling (Singapore)

Regulatory and compliance consultant for Noble Drilling deepwater drill ships Bully 1 and Bully 2 in the GOM and Brazil. Interfaced with inspector to assure regulatory and contractual issues were addressed during construction process. Performed coatings and structural inspections, and provided regulatory interfacing during DP-FMEA, system commissioning and sea trials.

Client Representative (2009-2011)
Exxon Saipem (Italy)

On-site representative for ExxonMobil North Caspian 3000HP Rail Mounted Land Rig drill team. Conducted physical inspections of electrical, piping and equipment installations during rig construction. Verified equipment specifications as applicable to hazardous area electrical installations and general drilling systems identifying deficiencies and applicable regulatory compliance or contractual issues for resolution.

Compliance Manager (1999-2009)

On-site representative for new construction of deepwater and semi-submersible drilling rigs including the Noble Dave Beard, Glomar Jack Ryan, and Maersk DSS-20/Explorer. Reviewed plans and related documents to assure compliance with statutory and contractual requirements. Provided regulatory support for supply and logistics, field quality assurance and construction personnel. Authored topic specific regulatory guide sheets for quick reference by field inspectors.

USCG Military Service (1976-1998)

As ships Executive Officer, managed financial and logistic requirements for over 1500 independent navigational aids. Performed dry-dock, hull, small passenger vessels, barge, deep draft and MODU inspections. Direct oversight for over 30 tank barges certified for sub-chapter “D” and “O” cargoes. District Total Quality Management Board Member leading the development of numerous guidelines for operational readiness and risk management.