Neré Mabile


Neré Mabile

Integrity Management Engineer (2015 – Present)
Offshore Technical Compliance, Covington, LA

Integrity Management Engineer for OTC managing ultrasonic, radiographic and other NDT examinations and integrity of topside floating facilities, marine systems, flowlines and risers, and subsea wells. Leads, coordinates, executes and maintains life cycle Integrity Management (IM) plans and Process Safety Management (PSM) activities to ensure client conformance to Operating Management System OMS requirements.

Integrity Management Engineer (2007-2015)
British Petroleum (BP)

Managed the integrity and inspections of topside floating facilities, marine systems, flowlines and risers and subsea wells. Developed a Key Performance Indicator “Dashboard” for the asset comprised of leading and lagging indicators utilized for monitoring IM and process safety trends (PSM). Managed IM and Process Safety performance. Served as Science and Technical Advisor for the Insitu-Controlled Burn Team; MC252 Oil Spill Response.

Mechanical Integrity/Reliability Engineer (1998-2007)
DOW Chemical USA

Managed Mechanical Integrity piping and process containment equipment inspections and the entire compliance program for two Dow plant facilities. Developed the site Facility Maintenance Strategy and individual equipment strategies. Managed inspectors performing ultrasonic, radiographic and other MDT examinations on critical plant equipment. Responsible for facilitating root cause analysis, and managed all pressure relief valve inspection and testing programs for two Dow facilities.

Engineer (1995-1998)
Compliance Solutions, Inc.

Performed environmental audits for chemical plant facilities to ensure compliance with OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) guidelines. Designed and implemented Safety and Environmental Management Programs (SEMP) for the offshore industry, including field training. Coordinated offshore production and drilling platform facilities auditing to test against SEMP/SEMS compliance. Developed the Haltermann Plant site mechanical integrity program manual.

Corrosion & Facilities Engineer (1979-1994)
ARCO, Inc. (Alaska – Prudhoe Bay & Louisiana)

Managed a highly skilled group of radiographers, interpreters, ultrasonic technicians and equipment inspectors on the design of innovative facility inspection techniques in radiography and ultrasonics technology. Coordinated facility equipment inspection and monitoring programs. Coordinated environmental compliance issues regarding the operational impact of oil and gas production facilities to the land, air and water. Performed equipment and resource audits to assure emergency contingency plan compliance.